Modi and Gandhi are saints of Sabarmati, says BJP MP

Modi and Gandhi are saints of Sabarmati, says BJP MP

That the Bharatiya Janata Party is all praises for its leader Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a known fact, but BJP MP Vijay Goel on Thursday went a step ahead by calling both the PM and Mahatma Gandhi “saints of Sabarmati”. As hoardings put up by him sparked controversy, Mr. Goel defended the move by saying it was the “correct way to let people know how Mr Modi has brought India in the limelight in world affairs.”

On the occasion of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth anniversary and to mark the PM’s return from his visit to the US and Ireland, Mr. Goel put up a hoarding, bearing images and stanzas eulogising Modi along with Gandhi. The hoarding was put up in front of his official residence on Ashoka Road, opposite the BJP headquarters.

Speaking to The Hindu , Mr. Goel said that he did not compare Gandhi with Mr. Modi, but rather highlighted how the two have contributed to the country. “A saint sacrifices. Mahatma Gandhi sacrificed for the nation and so has the Prime Minister. Gandhi fought against the Britishers and Modi has fought against corruption. Saints are human beings too, I see no wrong in calling the Indian leader a saint,” said Mr Goel.

The hoarding that had Gandhi and Mr Modi’s pictures read, “ De di duniya me pahchan nai, uncha kiya bhal, Sabarmati ke sant tune kar diya kamal (Gave a new identity in the world, increased stature; Sabarmati’s saint, you have done wonders).” The lines are a play on a song from the 1954 movie Jagriti .

Mr. Goel also took a dig at the Congress as he said that the party for years used Gandhi’s pictures to seek votes from people. The Congress hit out at Goel, while the JD(U) and AAP took jibes at BJP. Congress spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed tweeted, “BJP’s Vijay Goel compares Mahatma Gandhi with PM.This is sycophancy at its worst. Even a self obsessed man like Mr Modi may feel embarrassed.”