About Us

About Us

11745595_882374745131217_405375868830485628_n** Editor-in-Chief **

News India Reference is a popular English news Portal.The Portal was formerly Star news which was rebranded as INR News on Nov 2008.Our mission is to delight and inspire anyone using the English language by being the most innovative and comprehensive digital source for everything related to words. We provide resources that help people accurately define, pronounce, and apply words in the moment.

Detail About Ram Bhuwan Singh
Journalist, Jurist & Justice Lover.
:: My Responsibilities:
(*) Parv Pramukh ,Man.Eknath Ranade Janmshati Parv : Madhya Prant
(*) National Editor,SMBC Insight ( A National News Channel)
(*) Executive Member : National Union Of Journalists -India (Affiliated to IFJ, Brussels, Belgium )
(*) Group Editor: See Times (Group of News Papers)
(*) Chief Editor: मध्यप्रदेश विकास वार्षिकी
(*) Editor in Chief: News India Reference.com
(*) Editor: News Letter SERVAS International-India
(*) Co-ordinator Madhya Pradesh , Servas international –India
(*) Vice President: Bhopal Chapter – ARSP (Affiliated to GOPIO)
(*) Director: Madhya Pradesh Labor Board.

(*) Director: Bhopal Co-Operative Federation
(*) Founder Director- Madhya Pradesh Sodh,Sandarbh Evam Jan Jagaran Sansthan
(*) Member Tripartite Committi for journalists .
::My Struggle::( in Past)
(*) Organization Secretary of Bhartiya Jansangh in Dist. Bhind of Madhya Pradesh.
(*) Participating in Cooperative Movement
(*) Drive Agitation Dozens times & Jail Journey against Govt.’s Atrocities.
(*) Detained more than 20 Months in MISA in Emergency in Gwalior Central Jail.

::My Journey::
(*) Participated GOPIO – ‘Global Organization of Indian Origin’ Conference in Mauritius in Year-1996
(*) Participated GOPIO Conference in Durban (South Africa) & Study Tour Reunion of Ireland in July-1998.
(*) Study Tour of Indian Origin in Malaysia, Singapore & Thailand in Sept.-2002
(*) Touring Twice in Colombo & Kandy (Shri Lanka) in 2002.
(*) Participated in “Century Celebration of Gandhi Satyagraha” in Durban (South Africa) in Sept. 2006.
(*) Participated in Youth Conference held in Istanbul (Turkey) in July-2008.

(*) Study Tour of Indian Origin & Egyptian Culture in Cairo (Egypt) in 2008.
(*) Study Tour in France , Germany, Switzerland, Italy & Luxembourg in 2005.
(*) Awarded with a certificate by “European Journalism Center for Successful completion of ‘Covering the European Union Information seminar’ ” financed the delegation of The European Commission at Maastricht (Netherlands) and Brussels (Belgium) in 2005.